SHE: Event this weekend

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hey Y'all,

We wanted to invite you to a shopping market we are going to be at on Saturday. 
Several vendors will be joining us at The SHE Shoppe. 
Have you been there? It's a new shop on Lee Highway in Chattanooga.
The SHE Shoppe has super cute gifts, accessories and clothing and on Saturday they are also having local vendors join them for a Summer Mother's Market, 11-3 pm.

It promises to be a fun event and great girlfriend time. 
So grab your besties and make plans to come out!!
Hope to see you there ~ we sure have missed our friends!!


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SHE: Happy Mother's Day

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Hey Friends,
Hope your week is going well.  If you are one of our organized friends, you probably have completed your Mother’s Day gift shopping.  For the rest of us here are some last minute ideas to make the Moms in your life feel happy and loved on their special day.
1)      Lunch or dinner surrounded by the ones she loves most is guaranteed to put a smile on her face. Whether you decide to go out or a simply BBQ at home, the food doesn’t matter if the company is good.
2)     Flowers, Publix always has a lovely selection and prices that are lovely too.
3)     Gift certificate to her favorite salon, for a mani-pedi, or a boutique she has been wanted to visit.
4)     A homemade card melts every mom’s heart ~ as long as the giver is under the age of
Still need a little more inspiration? TJ Maxx and Target are go to stores for me.  I can always find what I am looking for (& a buggy full of things I had no idea I needed J).  If you are looking for cute clothes, home spa items like candles and bubble bath or home décor they will have you covered. And you are sure to make Mom happy with whatever you choose.
Happy Mother’s Day week to all the Mommas, Mommas to Be, Bonus Mommas and all the others who love you and yours like their own.  Celebrate them well and be sure they know how very special they are. We will be loving our 1st time Mommas this week too!
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SHE says Happy Cinco de Mayo

Friday, May 4, 2018

Hey Friends,                            

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!   I admit, I thought this was a Mexican holiday similar to our 4th of July ~ celebration of independence.  I was wrong.    According to Wikipedia...
Cinco de Mayo (pronounced [ˈsiŋko ðe ˈmaʝo]; Spanish for "Fifth of May") is an annual celebration held on May 5. The date is observed to commemorate the Mexican Army's difficult victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza. So there you go~

Although I was wrong about the reason for the celebration, I definitely am happy for any opportunity to celebrate with some yummy Mexican treats.  Do you have any plans to celebrate?  Such cute décor items I saw here would make for a festive party.  Although a little late even for Amazon Prime, I bet you can still find some cute items to set a festive theme ~ think Party City or Dollar Tree (great finds for cute disposable party ware).
This girl (like most I think) loves salsa, nothing too spicy though.  It is versatile you can serve it with chips, tacos or nachos, it’s delicious over rice. Lots of uses. It is my Mexican food of choice.
This is my favorite recipe, it’s very basic but so yummy. And you probably have the ingredients in your pantry. 
There is still time to make up a quick batch, serve it with your favorite tortilla chips and celebrate your Cinco de Mayo. 

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SHE Wants to be Healthy

Monday, April 9, 2018

Hey Y'all,

When the weather starts to get warmer and the days get longer I want to be outside. I love to pull out the cute summer clothes and make plans to enjoy the beautiful afternoons. This is fun until I realize I have been quite a slacker over the winter! No exercise, eating a lot of unhealthy choices.  Eek! It is a harsh reality to say the least. 

So like most of us, I decide to try to turn things around by eating better and getting some exercise. I like to walk, that is a favorite activity. So longer days and warmer temps makes that easy. Eating better is easier in the warmer months.  We do lots of grilling, fresh veggies are abundant and we tend to have lighter meals due to the warmer weather.  But y'all my true vice is sweet tea... I love sweet tea! It's a southern tradition right? And I really do not like to drink "water".  Do you?  My daughter loves water- drinks it almost exclusively. I can not do it! If I am really really thirsty, yes. But to choose water with my meal, uh no thank you, I'll have a sweet tea.

But this is not healthy. So I am going to experiment with some fruit infused waters to see if I can up my fluid intake.  Have you tried any? I have found several recipes to "detox" my system. But I really just hope to find one that tastes good.  Here are a few ideas.  These have fruit and several recommend mint leaves.  I think I will start with a strawberry water. You know nothing too crazy and then experiment from there.  ( * Just a tip, most recommend removing fruit after 12 hours as it starts to breakdown and might alter the taste.)  Another idea, was to drop bits of fruit in ice trays and fill with water. Once frozen use the ice cubes in your water for a little fruity taste.

Are you a good water drinker? Do you like fruit in yours? Mint?  What is your favorite concoction?
I would love to try your recipe combinations, so please share. I tell you, looking through all these recipes make me want to plant a little herb garden. Wouldn't that be fun to have fresh herb sprigs to add to your water? I'll be sure to share pictures this week end.

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Ok, who is with me? The recommended amount of daily water  consumption is 64 ounces. That will be my long range goal. Tomorrow we start with 24 ounces. Wish me luck! 


Where is SHE?

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hey Y'all,  I hope you are all doing well. We had a wonderful Easter weekend & I am lucky to be "off" this week to enjoy a little extra family time and this beautiful sunshine!  It just makes you feel good doesn't it?

I hope you all haven't forgotten about us 😟... I know we have been a little MIA, but we really have had the best "excuses".  As you know Lisa & I have been promoted to "grandparents" (aka, LaLa & Hunny).  And it is SO much fun and we can't seem to get enough of these sweet little ones. But our blogging has sort of fallen to the bottom of our to do lists.  We hope to correct that and start sharing a little more often. Our new Mommies are incredible! They have taken to Motherhood like champs ~ tired champs but they are both doing so well loving their new roles and their new families.

To say we are proud of our SHEs would be an understatement. Of course they have questions, and we are remembering a lot of things together, but there is nothing like holding your baby's baby or watching your baby be a Mommy.  And the Daddys? They are doing fabulously too! They take such good care of the baby & the Mom. We are blessed that they have the best support systems.

Thanks for sticking with us. We would love (and appreciate) some of your favorite baby tips and techniques.... sleeping through the night, best diapers, teething tips, bath time fun.... or just your sweet memories.  We are all in this journey together, sharing and supporting each other to be the best SHE we can be.

So please forgive us for falling off track, we hope to jump back into sharing with you. Until then say hello to our sweet new littles!!  Sweet baby E was born 12/5 and handsome baby S was born 1/16  Destined to be BFFs or so we hope.  

Love you friends!!


SHE: Fun new item

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Hey Y'all,

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday.  Wanted to reach out to let you know about a new product we have available through SHE Degree that we are loving!

We all love to look our best and make-up helps us with that. But those fluffy brushes can get a little gummy and caked with make-up over time.  Do you clean them or throw them out?  I admit, if it's a cheapy I toss it. But I have some really nicer brushes and I really don't like to replace them.  So I have tried to clean them at home with soap and water. (Dawn dishwashing liquid to the rescue again). But they are never the same and it takes them hours to dry... Am I right?
Well now you have a better option.  Watch Lisa and Haley show you how you can bring those brushes back to life with this very neat make up brush cleaner.

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We have a very limited supply, so let us know if you would like to have your own. We were amazed at how clean the brushes were and they were completely dry in 30 seconds!  To order, send an email to with your paypal addresss and zipcode for shipping.  If you are an in town friend, we will be happy to meet you for pickup.

Happy Sunday friends!!

SHE: Share Your Baby Advice

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Hey y'all,

You know our SHE group is growing this year and we couldn't be more excited. If you are a parent I know you can remember the feelings of anticipation mixed in with a whole lot of fear and what ifs, am I right?  I know that's how Mike & I were.  We really didn't know much about how our world would be changing and it changed a lot, but in the best ways.  We loved everything about being new parents (at least that is how I choose to remember it). But I know there were many challenges to new parents.  Today I want you to share with us your secrets to success.

What helped you through those first few days? Sleepless nights? Colic? Diaper rash? Diaper blowouts? Breast feeding dilemmas? Formula issues? Will this baby ever sleep? Adjusting to your new normal.

Share a comment about how you survived and thrived as a new parent. 
Our girls can't wait to hear your tips.  And please share your tips for Grand-parenting,
I want to be sure I do that very well.  

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